How to urgently change ⚠️ of property administrator?. How To Change Property Managers

How To Change Property Managers
How Do I Change Property Managers?

Among the positions of the community, the property administrator has special relevance, as he is the professional who has the purpose of looking after the interests of the community of owners and its properties.

But each administrator has his own way of working and often, it is not the right one for the requirements that the owners consider it should be.

This lack of confidence of the owners in the way of working of some administrators makes them want to change for another professional so that their community is in perfect state of maintenance and services.

What should be done to change or dismiss the current administrator of the Community?

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See the contract that the administrator has with the residents’ association.

Communicate to the president the desire to change the administrator.

Call a meeting requesting the change or dismissal of the administrator.

The favourable vote of the majority in votes and coefficient will be sufficient for the change.

If the chairman does not want to change the administrator and does not call a meeting, what should I do?

The Horizontal Property Law foresees this issue for presidents who do not want to convene the Owners’ Meeting with agendas that the owners request.

It is necessary to collect 25% of the participation quotas with the signatures of the owners and with the agenda that they want to discuss and give it to the President or Administrator so that he/she can call the Meeting.

Note of interest; The P.H. Law mentions that the appointment of the governing bodies will be made for a period of one year, unless the Statutes of the community provide otherwise or due to negligence of a member of the Governing Board. However, an extraordinary residents’ assembly may be called.

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