How to save and reduce expenses in the community of owners

Really, how can you get the community of owners to save on expenses and reduce the fee you pay to the community?

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As we have mentioned in other occasions, these are times of economic adjustments with the purpose of saving and without affecting the quality of the service in the community of owners due to the reduction of the price of the service.

But as we manage to reduce the expenses to lower the quota that the neighbors pay to the Community, next we will expose a general summary of what our administration is doing in the communities of neighbors that we administer.

The most important expenses that the community of owners, in a permanent way, have to face every month for the maintenance of the common areas and the correct operation of their services are the following ones.

General monthly expenses of electricity, of elevators, of administration, of water, of centralized heating, of cleaning, of community insurance, of unforeseen expenses, among others.

It is advisable that each community of neighbors, periodically at least once a year renegotiate with the suppliers the price of the service it performs in the community, since we are in a very competitive and technological market, where prices and services are continuously fluctuating downwards.

The figure of the property administrator must also be considered in the savings of the expenses in the community, since I put of example our administration comes to have important agreements of savings for the communities of up to 40 % due to our volume of business, since it is not the same thing to negotiate a price of a community that to do it with more than one community.

Also, this work that our administration of periodic form carries out with the suppliers and together with the request of subsidies of help (rehabilitations of facade, installation of elevators etc.) does that our fees go out to the community free for the saving that we provide to the neighbors with other services of the Community and always without reducing the quality of the services.

How then can the community expenses be reduced in order to lower the owners’ fees?

The main factors to take into account to lower the community fees and therefore save on expenses are Electricity, installing low performance bulbs (LED) that save up to 80% in electricity and have a useful life of more than 15 years.

Elevator maintenance, renegotiate periodically as I mentioned before to adjust the service price, to the market value at each moment.

Administration Service, meet with your administrator and inform him/her about what savings and daily work you are doing in your community, he/she will immediately check if you are efficient and therefore a good administrator.

Water consumption, install a drip system for watering the gardens and periodically check the water installations to prevent as much as possible water leaks due to broken pipes.

Central heating, check the boiler so that the temperatures are not too high, the high temperatures of degrees play a very important factor in electricity consumption and have no reason to be because it depends on the owners who live for temperature control.

Cleaning service, renegotiate periodically to adjust the price of service, to the market value at each time, does not mean changing a cleaner that performs well, but to renegotiate the price of cleaning service, taking into account that the company must have an adequate profit margin for their business activity.

Community Insurance, renegotiate annually and before its expiration to adjust the insurance premium according to the current market value and its coverage.

Unforeseen expenses, it is advisable to study the possibility of hiring a general maintenance service in the community of neighbors to meet these costs, since in most cases the expense is usually higher than the unforeseen, if you hire a maintenance company.

Subsidies of aids, this section to request subsidies to obtain economic aid in the Community of Proprietors so that they can… rehabilitate the building, install elevators, energy efficiency, etc. It is of utmost importance, as not every owner will have to make the entire investment and you will also save on monthly maintenance, as new technological systems are more energy efficient.

Preventive maintenance, it is preferable to prevent than to repair, the breakdowns suppose a high cost in the unforeseen expenses of the community of neighbors, causing even that the owners realize extraordinary spills to repair the incidents, for what also it plays here, a role important that the contracted maintenance company realizes the necessary preventive control on the facilities of the community (group pressure of water, heating etc.) to prevent breakdowns and consequently a saving.

Delinquency in the Community of neighbors, on this section it is evident and all we know that the delinquency in the community of proprietors, causes that the rest of proprietors who pay religiously, cover all the expenses of the community that the debtors, do not do it in their moment. In this section plays a very important role the Administrator of Properties that has to carry out its work of efficient form to diminish the communitarian delinquency to the minimum with the tools that the Law arranges and its professionalism.

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