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How to change the Administrator of the Homeowners Association we belong?

The property Administrator has a special relevance in the Homeowners Community, since his objective is to ensure the interest of the homeowners and their properties.

Each administrator has his own way of working and frequently it’s not the correct way according the homeowners requests.

This lack of trust of the neighbours regarding the way some Administrators works, makes them decide to change for another professional, so that their community became to a perfect state of maintenance and they could receive an optimal service.

What can we change our current  Administrator?

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  • Check if your Administrator has a contract with the Community;
  • Notify the President that you want to change the Administrator;
  • Call a Meeting requesting the change or removal of the current Administrator.

The favourable vote of the majority (in votes and coefficient) will be enough to get it.

What could we do if the President does not want to change the Administrator or call the Meeting?

For Presidents who doesn’t want to call the Meeting following the Agenda requested by the homeowners, the Horizontal Property Law provides this issue:

You must get signatures of the 25% of homeowners (participation fee). These signatures together with the Agenda, must be delivered to the President or Administrator to call the Meeting.

Note of interest: The H.P.L. states that the election of the Board will be made for a period of one year, unless the Statutes of the community provide otherwise or in case of negligence by any member of the Board. However, an Extraordinary Meeting could also be called.

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Administrator fee for homeowners associations