Frequently asked questions and answers on issues in owners community

Some of the questions most frequently asked by owners community
We want to change our current administrator of the community of owners ¿How can we do it.
Some of the questions most frequently asked by owners community.
Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question).

What are the rights and obligations of owners in a community?
Answer: Owners have the right to use and enjoy the common areas and to participate in the decisions of the community. They are obliged to respect the rules of the community, pay the community fees and contribute to the maintenance and repair of the common areas.

How is an owners’ meeting called?
Answer: A meeting of owners is usually called by the president of the community or the administrator, notifying all the owners in advance, indicating the date, time, place and agenda.

How are the community fees calculated?
Answer: Community fees are generally calculated according to the property coefficients established in the deed of condominium division, which take into account factors such as the size and location of each property.

¿How to urgently change property manager

Inform the chairman of the desire to change the administrator.
Call a meeting requesting the change or dismissal of the administrator.
The favourable vote of the majority in votes and coefficient will be sufficient for the change.

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What is the Horizontal Property Law and how does it work?
Answer: The Horizontal Property Law regulates the relations between the owners of a building divided into horizontal properties, establishing rights and obligations and the organisation and functioning of the community.

How is late payment managed in a community of owners?
Answer: The community can issue payment reminders, agree a payment plan with the defaulting owner or, as a last resort, initiate legal proceedings to reclaim the unpaid fees.

Can you send me a quotation for the management of my community of owners detailing your services and price.

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How can works be carried out on common elements?
Answer: In order to carry out works on common elements, the approval of the owners’ meeting is generally required and the applicable legal and community regulations must be followed.

What are the steps to change the property administrator?
Answer: To change the administrator, the owners’ meeting must be convened, and the majority must agree to the change, following the procedures established in the Horizontal Property Law or in the community statutes.

What to do in case of problems with neighbours in the community?
Answer: In case of problems with neighbours, you can try to resolve the conflict amicably, consult the community manager or, if necessary, go to the police or the courts.

Are there any subsidies or grants for carrying out works in homeowners’ associations?
Answer: Yes, there are different subsidies and grants at national and regional level for carrying out works in communities of owners, especially for works to improve energy efficiency and accessibility.

How are the statutes of a community of owners drafted?The statutes of a community of owners must be drawn up by a professional (property administrator, lawyer or notary) and must be approved by the owners’ meeting. Once approved, they are registered in the Land Registry.

It is important to emphasise that these answers are general and it is crucial to obtain specific legal advice for each particular situation.

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