How to choose an effective, responsible and honest property manager?

How to choose an effective, responsible and honest property manager?
How to choose an effective, responsible and honest property manager?

Choosing an effective, responsible and honest property manager is essential to ensure good management of your community of neighbors or property. Here are some tips to help you in the choosing process:

  1. References and recommendations: Ask family, friends or neighbors about property managers they have used and would recommend.
  2. Training and qualification: A good administrator should have the necessary training in property management. Ask about their credentials and training in the industry.
  3. Experience: It is preferable that the manager has experience managing properties similar to yours.
  4. Transparency: The manager must be transparent about the fees he charges, how he manages funds and how he makes decisions related to the property.
  5. Communication Skills: It is essential that the manager communicate clearly and regularly with owners, and be available to answer questions or address concerns.
  6. Technological tools: In the digital era, it is beneficial for the administrator to use software or online tools that facilitate communication, payment management, incident management, among others.
  7. Online Reviews: Look for reviews and ratings from other customers online. This will give you an idea of the administrator’s reputation.
  8. Personal interview: Organize a meeting with the administrator to evaluate his professionalism, clarity, and willingness to meet your needs.
  9. Clear contract: Make sure all terms and conditions, including fees, are clearly specified in the contract.
  10. Ask for an action plan: Ask the manager to provide you with an initial plan for how they intend to manage the property or community, so you can get an idea of their approach and effectiveness.
  11. Proactive attitude: A good administrator not only reacts to problems, but is also proactive in preventing them and proposing improvements for the community.
  12. Integrity and ethics: It is essential that the administrator acts with integrity and honesty. Any indication of unethical practices should be a red flag.

Al seguir estos consejos, aumentará sus probabilidades de encontrar un administrador de fincas que sea eficaz, responsable y honesto, y que pueda satisfacer las necesidades de su comunidad o propiedad.

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What functions should a property manager perform in the neighborhood community?

The property manager plays a crucial role in the management and proper functioning of a community of neighbors. Its functions are varied and depend in part on what the community in question stipulates. However, the most common duties that a property manager typically performs include:

  1. Economic Management:
  • Preparation of annual budgets.
  • Collection of fees and other payments from owners.
  • Payment to suppliers and management of community bank accounts.
  • Presentation of the annual accounts before the owners’ meeting.
  1. Call and Attendance at Meetings:
  • Prepare and call owners’ meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Write and send meeting minutes.
  • Advise meetings on legal and procedural issues.
  1. Maintenance Management:
  • Coordinate and supervise maintenance, repairs and renovations in the community.
  • Hire and supervise external suppliers and services.
  1. Administrative Management:
  • Keep the community minute book updated.
  • Save and update community documentation, such as statutes, regulations, etc.
  • Manage any necessary administrative procedures before public organizations.
  1. Conflict Management:
  • Mediate conflicts between neighbors or between neighbors and the community.
  • Take legal action on behalf of the community when necessary, such as in cases of non-payment of dues.
  1. Advice:
  • Inform and advise the community on legislation and regulations that affect horizontal property.
  • Propose improvements and solutions to problems that may arise in the community.
  1. Safety and Health:
  • Ensure that the community complies with all applicable health and safety regulations.
  • Coordinate required inspections and certifications.
  1. Personnel Management:
  • If the community has employees, such as janitors or maintenance staff, the administrator will be in charge of hiring, supervision, payroll and any other related management.

These functions may vary depending on the size and characteristics of the community and depending on what is agreed between the administrator and the community of owners. It is essential that all of these roles and responsibilities are clearly established in the service contract to avoid confusion or misunderstandings in the future.

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