Modification of the façade of a condominium: What is allowed and what is not?

Modification of the façade in homeowners' associations: What can and what cannot be done?.
Modification of the façade in homeowners’ associations: What can and what cannot be done?.
Can an owner install bars on the windows of his home without the permission of the community?.
Can the neighbour of a business change the façade by installing a scissor lock for security reasons?.
Can an air conditioning compressor be installed on the façade of the building?
My neighbour has installed a satellite dish on the roof of the building, can he do this?.

The façade of a building is not only an architectural element that defines its aesthetics, but also a vital component that protects and gives identity to the building. In homeowners’ associations, any alteration to the façade can generate controversy. Let’s take a look at some common situations and how they are dealt with under the Horizontal Property Law (LPH).

    1. Installation of grilles on windows: Can a homeowner install grilles on the windows of their property without the permission of the community? Based on the LPH, if these grilles alter the aesthetics of the building or affect other owners, they would need the unanimous approval of the Board of Owners.
    2. Change of façade on a premises with a scissor lock: A commercial premises, just like a dwelling, cannot alter the façade without the consent of the community. If a neighbour decides to install a scissor lock for security reasons, he must obtain the permission of the Board of Proprietors.
    3. Installation of an air conditioning compressor on the façade: While the installation of an air conditioning unit may be essential for the owner’s comfort, placing the compressor on the façade could alter its aesthetics. It is crucial to check the community bylaws as they sometimes provide specific guidelines on where and how to install these devices.
    4. Satellite dish on the roof of the building: If a neighbour has placed a satellite dish on the roof without permission, they are in tricky territory. The roof, like the façade, is a common element, and its modification requires the consent of the community.

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Tips to bear in mind:

  • Always review and, if necessary, consult the community statutes before making any changes.
    Past decisions can set a precedent. If certain changes have already been tolerated for years, a court may consider that the community has given its tacit consent.

  • Proactivity is essential. If you think an issue might be controversial, take the initiative to call an extraordinary meeting to discuss and resolve the matter.

  • Empathy and open communication with neighbours is vital. Before making any changes, it is advisable to discuss them and seek consensus.


Façade modification in owner-occupied communities requires a careful and collaborative approach. Mutual respect and understanding of regulations can ensure that all parties are satisfied and that the building maintains its integrity and aesthetics.

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