Acosol issues communiqué; Swimming pools can be filled from June 2024.

Community of owners water filling private swimming pools
June 2024 key date to enjoy the private swimming pools of the Communities of Neighbourhoods

Following the press release published by Acosol yesterday 15 May 2024 (*) and following the meeting of the drought committee. The new measures for the refilling of the pools and emergency irrigation from 1 June are set out.

So from the 1st of June, the pools can be filled.

After the press release published by Acosol yesterday, May 15, 2024 (*) and after the drought committee meeting. The new measures for refilling swimming pools and emergency irrigation are set out as of June 1 So starting June 1, the pools can be filled,

(*) The Drought Management Commission of the Water Department of the Government of Andalusia has approved this morning the transition from serious to severe shortage situation on the Western Costa del Sol, allowing the refilling of swimming pools and a maximum of 225 liters per inhabitant and day.

With the obligation that private pools have a water recirculation system that allows the use of the minimum essential amount of this resource to guarantee the sanitary quality of the water and to replace the losses that may occur due to evaporation or filter cleaning.

See full Acosol report Click HERE.

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